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The Greater Richmond Area

Richmond is Virginia’s capital city. While the city itself is home to only 200,000 people, it’s part of a much larger Richmond region that encompasses the counties of Chesterfield, Goochland, Hanover, Henrico, and Powhatan.

Richmond real estate is appealing and provides residents with a comfortable lifestyle. Outdoor activities abound amid the city’s 40 parks, which comprise 1,500 acres of natural beauty.

The city’s rich heritage is visible everywhere. Richmond real estate includes charming historic neighborhoods and many plantations that line the James River as well as cozy capes and newly built homes in the lovely neighborhoods of surrounding counties. People buy Richmond real estate because they like the area’s strong job market and mild climate. Although Richmond is considered a mid-sized municipality, it offers all the amenities of a much larger city. There has never been a better time to purchase Richmond real estate. If you’re interested in finding Richmond homes for sale or real estate, then contact me in Richmond at 804.512.2086 as I am happy to assist you with your real estate needs.

The Greater Richmond Area


Located in the Central part of the State, Richmond’s ideal location makes it easy to take a weekend trip to the mountains, beach, river or even the nation’s capital. The Region is located within a day's drive of half of the U.S. population, two hours south of Washington D.C. and two hours west of the Atlantic Coast.


The city is located in the Piedmont region of Virginia, at the highest navigable point of the James River. The Piedmont region is categorized by relatively low, rolling hills, and lies between the low, sea level Tidewater region and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Significant bodies of water in the region include the James River, the Appomattox River, and the Chickahominy River.


Virginia may have more history than any other state – and much of it occurred right here in the Richmond Region. The second successful English settlement is re-created at Henricus Historical Park. Patrick Henry delivered his famous "Give me liberty or give me death" speech at St. John's Church. Tour the Virginia Capitol, designed by Thomas Jefferson, or stroll along Monument Avenue, the only avenue that's designated a National Historic Landmark in the United States.


Virginia has a Goldilocks climate - “not too hot; not too cold,” just like the porridge in the old fairy tale. Few states have a more diverse climate than that of Virginia. The Greater Richmond Area is located in the Piedmont region of Virginia. Precipitation is about 43.9 inches per year. Snowfalls average 12.5 inches annually. July average daily high and low temperatures are 87.5 and 68.3 degrees Fahrenheit. January average daily highs and lows are 45.3 and 27.6 degrees Fahrenheit.


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